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An oustanding 21 day Pain Recovery Program

Pain Recovery Program by Alan Gordon – a 21 day program to help anyone having difficulty reducing or eliminating their physical symptoms.

The Pain Recovery Program was developed by Alan Gordon (and team). He is a psychotherapist in Los Angeles, specializing in the treatment of chronic pain and other physical symptoms, and an adjunct assistant professor at USC.

He developed Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT), a cutting-edge protocol for treating chronic pain, and just completed a large neuroimaging study on the efficacy of PRT in conjunction with the University of Colorado Boulder.

Alan was featured on CBS's The Doctors, where he conducted the first fMRI case study of a patient eliminating chronic pain.

This recovery program integrates audio and video segments from different mini-sessions in a way to cohesively elaborate on the theory (in other words, in addition to telling you, it will show you what to do).

It may help provide insight into certain unconscious processes, but isn’t meant to take the place of therapy. Being your own therapist is a lot like cutting your own hair: it’s possible, but it’s easier if someone else is doing it; after all, they can see things that you can’t.

Almost everyone has the capacity to either eliminate or significantly reduce their symptoms; it’s just a matter of finding the right tools and learning how to use them. I hope that this recovery program might help you to find the tools that you need.

Days of the Program

Other resources:

The Way Out book - Alan Gordon and Alon Ziv

TMS – The Mind Body Syndrome

Also – the Curable app

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